Testimonial - Alspaugh

Lauren Alspaugh
3009 Lake Point Boulevard, Belmont

From the moment we drove through the gates of Reflection Pointe for the first time, we knew it was where we wanted to build our home. We quickly found a perfect piece of land, and dreamed of how wonderful it would soon be to be living in such a beautiful and peaceful place. We did not however have any idea about the home building process, and realized very quickly that we had a lot to learn.

We were relieved to find that the neighborhood had a list of featured builders, which made the first steps slightly less daunting. We talked in great detail to two wonderful builders and were pleased with what each of them had to say. We had plans drawn up, and started to imagine how our home would be. Though we were confident in what we had heard thus far, we felt that we still needed to explore all options in choosing a builder. We looked back to the featured builder list, and noticed that we had not yet spoken to Kasey Gabriel of Gabriel Richards Homes. We saw that he had built many homes in Reflection Pointe, and even though we were practically sure we would be going with one of the builders we had already communicated with at length, we thought it prudent to give GRH a call.

This was, without question, the single most important call we have made in this process from start to finish. We met with Kasey, showed him our plans, discussed ideas, and went over our budget. When he left our tiny apartment that day, we looked at each other and said, "this is it, this is our builder." We have never looked back since, and are now living in the home that is more perfect than we ever imagined. There was no doubt then, and no doubt now that hiring Kasey Gabriel to build our home was the most important, and best decision we would make throughout this process.

Anyone who has built a home knows the stress, questions, and frustrations involved. We certainly weren't immune to those things. Our house went from being a 2400 sq ft hardiboard craftsman to a 3100 sq ft European brick home. Those are pretty significant changes to say the least, and Kasey delivered time and time again to make them happen. Kasey put elements in our home that go above and beyond what we even expected. He made fantasy ideas that a home owner would never think possible turn into realities. He checked and re-checked for our safety and that of his subcontractors. He found ways to help us get the things we wanted that were never part of what we originally planned for. He allowed us the time to make the right decisions on our options, even when it cost him time and money. He never cut a corner, left anything undone, or failed to advise us of everything that was going on throughout the process.

I can't imagine being a builder. It must be very challenging. When people are imagining their dream home, they inevitably want it all. Home owners don't understand all of the details and issues that builders must account for. I think this largely results in one of two outcomes. The first is that home owner accepts defeat and gets the granite they don't love, carpet where they wanted hardwood, unfinished bonus rooms, etc. The second outcome is that the homeowner ends up spending far more than they had planned to get those things, having previously thought it was possible in their original budget. Nobody gets everything they want, but the difference in one of the two aforementioned outcomes, and what our experience was, is the creativity and talent of the builder. Kasey Gabriel embodies that creativity and talent, and that is why we know that our home was built without compromise. We were not forced into the two negative outcomes that result from vision and reality colliding. Kasey found third, and fourth, and fifth outcomes, and found ways to make our home owner dreams, become homeowner realities. He worked extremely hard to find options and solutions to make us happy, make things reasonable and attainable, and create new ideas that often were better than what we thought to begin with. His efforts and commitment are so much of what make him an exceptional builder. These qualities in him which I broadly describe as creativity and talent are rare. Rarer still are those things in combination with absolute professionalism, and perhaps most importantly, honesty.

This brings me to the final thing which I would like to address as a GRH client, honesty and integrity. Having a military background, these are two words that carry great meaning with me, and I do not use them flippantly. I would not write these words if they did not relay my own honesty and integrity. On this subject I must once again state that Kasey Gabriel has exceeded standards. In an industry like contracting/construction, which frankly is notorious for shades of dishonesty, Kasey Gabriel stands in the realms of few. He has been absolutely, completely, and totally honest throughout this process with us. His integrity has never once been in question. We have and do trust him implicitly as a builder, as a friend, and as a man. Our home and our happiness is the living proof of that. Our standards were extremely high, Kasey Gabriel's were higher.

Though I have the deepest respect for all of the featured builders in this neighborhood, some of whom I know well, some of whom I have only heard of, I can state without hesitation that Kasey Gabriel is the best of them. He would be my first and only recommendation to any future home owners here. If anyone would ever care to discuss in any further detail our experience with Kasey Gabriel as our builder, it would be our honor and privilege to do so. I truly cannot say enough good things about him, his company, and our home. We are forever grateful to the Home Owners Association and to Reflection Pointe for listing him as a featured builder, we would not be in the home of our dreams today if he had not been.

In deepest sincerity,
Lauren Alspaugh

Testimonial - Pinto

Jim Pinto and Lori Elway
1529 Reflection Pointe Boulevard, Belmont
(Basement renovation)

Kasey and his team are a pleasure to work with. Attention to detail, met every expectation set. Creatively solved the unexpected issues that pop up. More importantly Kasey has the patience of a saint when last minute changes are requested. Six months working together and not one single issue. The finished product is awesome. Working with Gabriel Richards homes was a pleasure. Highly recommended there work.

Testimonial - Simcox

Liz and John Simcox
3227 Lake Pointe Drive, Belmont

Building a custom house is a big undertaking. We chose a challenging lot and Kasey Gabriel was the best choice to make our vision a reality. Both Kasey and his assistant Kris made this a smooth process and we were glad that when we reached out for information that they were prompt to respond. We are happy now to be in such a beautiful home.

Liz and John Simcox

Testimonial - Switzer

Dave and Jennifer Switzer
3005 Lake Pointe Drive, Belmont

I am writing a personal letter of recommendation for Kasey Gabriel and Kris Holdenrid for the amazing job they did in building our families new home at 3005 Lake Pointe Dr, Belmont NC in the Reflection Pointe subdivision.

When we started our search for builders we spoke with current residents and were told to contact Gabriel Richards as he had built many of the current homes in the neighborhood and was on the featured builders list. At the time, my wife and I had 3 children under the age of 8, with one on the way. We needed a builder that was familiar and comfortable with all aspects of the communities 48 page architectural guidelines. We needed to have a turn key process with a strict time line as to when we would be able to finish the project. We actually beat the quoted time by 3 weeks!

Kasey spent COUNTLESS hours assisting in the complete design of the home to be sure that it fell within budget. We were then given a wonderful 200 page binder that had tabs that went over every aspect of the home, and how much allowances we had to spend in each area.

Kasey and Kris were in constant contact with us as to the progress of the home, and on site at some point almost every day of the build. They went out of their way to join us for meetings when picking out interior features when we asked.

I would welcome any prospective customers for Gabriel Richards to call or to visit our home to see the level of craftsmanship. It is second to none. What many builders would consider “adder upgrades” are standard features in Gabriel Richards homes.

To date we have shown 4 prospective customers for Gabriel Richards our home, and they have all in turn decided to build with them.

Gabriel Richards Construction is true asset to the Reflection Pointe community and any other location that they do business.

Kasey Gabriel takes great pride in his work, and his honesty and integrity are second to none.

Dave and Jennifer Switzer